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Colorful staff activities - Bengbu hydraulic to carry out a celebration of five four welcome five one series of activities

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To celebrate the "51" International Labor Day and the "May 4th" youth day, Bengbu hydraulic trade unions, the Communist Youth League organization of the United Nations staff participated in the City chess game, badminton, poker whipped egg, "link up" fun sports, adaptation new normal hydraulic new development "keynote speech," health - a woman Happy China "reading essay writing and other series of activities, the majority of the staff through the rich and colorful" 51 "labor day and the" May 4th "youth day.

April 25-26 days, the hydraulic representative He Chongshun, He Chongyi, Yu Lei three people to participate in the Bengbu City Games, the game of workers.

In the afternoon of April 28th, the division of labor organized 11 teams to participate in the "link acceleration" interest movement, the final quality of the club to win the title of the absolute advantage.

At noon on April 29th, after fierce competition for a week, Liu Qiangqiang won the championship, Zhao Shijie combined whipped egg.

On the afternoon of April 29, the badminton competition finals in the equipment test center staged, the women's singles champion, won the Shomanman, won a group of men's singles champion Zhu Shengsheng, peak, Zhang Jieying won the mixed doubles champion.

May 4th at three pm, "to adapt to the new normal hydraulic new development" keynote speech on the third floor conference room. Bengbu hydraulic general manager Sun Hongjun, Secretary of the Party committee Jin Shilin, deputy general manager Zhu Xiahao, Dai Guanghui, Party branch secretary, on behalf of the Zhiwei of the mission arrived at the scene to watch. The torque converter manufacturing department's Chen Feifei, Zhou Xinxin shine in the game, taking the championship.

"Healthy women - happiness Chinese reading campaign is still ongoing.

Trade unions and the Communist Youth League organizations "to celebrate May Day greet the May Fourth Movement" activities, rich in content, a variety of forms, enthusiastic participation of various departments vigorously support and employee. Rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, both for the staff provides a stage to show self, but also enhance the emotional communication between employees, to create a harmonious atmosphere of the big family of the hydraulic, further active forms of hydraulic enterprise culture.



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