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Bengbu hydraulic business management the first formal training classes

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On April 20, Bengbu hydraulic first business management training classes ceremony held in Anhui University of Finance and economics school, this is also in Anhui University of Finance and Economics School of economics for the first time and enterprises jointly launched the training class. Bengbu hydraulic general manager Zhou Jun, party secretary Jin Shilin, deputy general manager Dai Guanghui attended the opening ceremony. Ma Chengwen, Dean of the school of economics, Anhui Finance and Economics University.

In recent years, the rapid development of Bengbu hydraulic, sales continued to rise, in the production and sales at the same time, it is particularly important to enterprise staff training, pre made many beneficial attempts in the middle-level cadres training, set up the network of college, university teacher invited lectures into the enterprises in various forms of training, to further enhance the middle-level cadres in 2014 own quality and management level, Bengbu hydraulic breaking the traditional way of training, for the first time in cooperation with Anhui Finance and Economics University School of economics offers MBA training courses, the training school of economics of Anhui Finance and Economics University attaches great importance to and vigorously support, select a number of qualified teachers of teachers, teaching is associate professor level. Both sides of the training for the economic development of Bengbu has made a corresponding contribution.

Training content relates to technology innovation management, economic law, financial management, organizational behavior, management information system, human resource management, enterprise culture, economics, management, production operation management, the science and art of leadership eleven aspects, covering the technology, human resources, economy, production, finance, management, enterprise culture and so on many knowledge, 200 hours, lasted 25 weeks, a total of 29 students. In order not to affect the normal working hours, the training time is scheduled for the week of Sunday.

Meeting, Bengbu hydraulic party secretary Jin Shilin of training students put forward a four point hope: hope students cherish the opportunity to learn, to effectively improve the their own quality and management level by learning; second, the application of theoretical knowledge to practical work, so that the combination of theory and practice, to promote the future work; the relationship between the three, good learning, work and life of the three, earnestly fulfill the class arrangement, do homework; abide by the rules and regulations of the school and classroom.




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