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  Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anhui Limited by Share Ltd, has a strong self design and independent development and manufacturing capabilities. Enterprises in 2012 January the successful completion of the plant to change the company's work and changed its name to Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., become the independent legal person enterprises. Enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system and national security standardization two enterprise certification, is currently the high-tech enterprises in Anhui province and Anhui Province, the provincial technical center.

  The main products are: various types of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic torque converter. With an annual output of 80 thousand hydraulic torque converter, the production capacity of 600 thousand kinds of various types of oil cylinders, forklift trucks, hydraulic torque converter production scale and manufacturing level are the first in the country. Enterprises with a total area of 140000 square meters, green area of nearly 40000 square meters is a "Four Seasons flower continuously every month there are new branches of garden like enterprise. Enterprise existing staff of more than 600 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 150 people, including engineering and technical personnel nearly a hundred people.

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CNC lathe

 Mechanical and electrical integration, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, numerical control technology and applications, and other related professional

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Technical secondary school or above (high technology, college priority), the age of 22 years of age, willing to work in the production line, be able to comply with corporate arrangements


Assembly fitter






Pressure test worker




  After the interview qualified, signed an internship agreement, internship expires and after the examination through the graduation certificate signed a labor contract.

  Treatment: practice issued during labor supplies, to buy accidental injury insurance, internship allowance 50 yuan / day (college, high technology education), 45 yuan / day (Technical Education), the other to enjoy lunch subsidies, piece rate wages shall be calculated separately. After signing the labor contract, can enjoy: 1, to pay the pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity and other insurance and 15% of the housing fund. 2, the work of four years, the purchase of commercial housing, in addition to the provident fund can enjoy a one-time purchase of 4 - 60 thousand. 3, give some subsidies (renting apartments and shift workers' activity center built this year). 4, enjoy annual leave, labor insurance, visiting relatives false, at the end of the year award, cooling costs, transportation costs, kaohuo fee, lunch allowance, benefit of the year award, medical staff, training etc. welfare.

Target: my company staff income in the same industry in Bengbu must have a certain competitiveness, in 2015 the per capita income to reach 70 thousand.

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Electricity words: 0552 - 3152284, 18755256905

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Address: Bengbu City victory road No. 35; railway station, bus station by bus 108 to 115 bus to the company, or by bus to Fengyang 20 minutes to the company.

Bengbu Vocational Education Center (Bengbu Technician College) Tel: 3114000

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